Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Essay --

Jodi Picoult’s My Sisiter’s Keeper is a well-known and also the best book of the year 2005.It was also nominated for an IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. A novel which touches the heart of thousands people, despite the tragic that the Fitzgeralds family faced in the novel,my sister’s keeper. It has became and caught the attention of many people. It alerts them of the fearsome happenings that may happen again and Picoult did not want it to repeat this such inhuman behavior again. The novel, Second Glance, has helped Picoult brought up the idea of this novel. In such an advanced technology world, she heard that a couple in America successfully conceived a sibling that is bone marrow match for his older sister who is still under hospitalized. It was , of course, outrageous and negative thoughts start popping and emerged on her mind, she was so concerned about how would both of the siblings’ perspectives change if the secret ,about why the brother is in this w orld, is revealed. She started to feel uneasy and look more profoundly at the family dynamics and how cloning and stem cell research might cause an impact on someone’s life. This novel has repeatedly mentioned about the bonds between family which also mainly consist of the theme love and disguise. But firstly it was the family’s bond which shows the Fitzgeralds Family has been staying ultimately strong and never disassociate into pieces throughout the whole process of the court case, hospitalization and arguments. From starting of the novel, Anna’s parents went for a test and examine to see if they could be part of Kate’s donor .They are willing to sacrifice themselves to donate either bone marrow or organs to her daughter, Kate to ensure that she will stay alive a... ..., she does not have any valid reason other than saying her rights for her own body to try to knock down the idea of her mother to hold her sister, Kate’s life. Anna puts herself up into a very selfish and abominable person that wants everything first for herself than anyone. She told everyone that she does not want any involvement with her own physical body with Kate which has created a tense conflict in the middle of the story. It shows that the character hide the real intentions to keep away from other people, which creates many misunderstanding issues that might further increase the tension between two parties. Hence, both parties might no longer have trust in each other and might also suspect each other’s behavior. One should learn to avoid hiding secrets from family as they shared the same genes and blood with us and they may help us in every great possibility.

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