Saturday, February 29, 2020

Causes of American Revolution

The main point of the revolution was so that the American people can gain the respect and freedom that was rightfully theirs. The British were in high debt and decided that a fast and easy way to make revenue was by taxiing Americans and having them provide housing for British troops in America out of their own pocket. Some of the taxes put up against Americans were the sugar act of set higher duties ion sugar and lower on molasses. The tea act of 1773 which reduced the price of tea yet gave monopoly to companies in eastern India.Not all of the new laws from Britain were allowed one of which was the stamp act 1766 which placed a large variety of taxes on certain legal documents. Shortly after while British were facing a small depression they passed the town shed acts of 1767 which had placed taxes on everything from clothes to paper to tea. They American people were not very pleased with all of these new taxes. American citizens started protesting against British laws and doing whatever they could to not have to follow them.As Americans started rebelling against the British, battles were rising all over the nation. First was the rebellion in Boston, as we know the Boston tea party, where Americans snack onto ships and dumped many boxes of tea into the harbor. Now, around this time everyone could say that Americans had been irritated a great deal because they were being pushed around as if they were babies. They started circulating letters and newspapers on how what the British were doing was unfair and that something should be done, and something definitely was.Thomas had written and circulated a pamphlet titled common sense and provided a thoughtful set of reasons on why for our Independence. The next step was taken Into the hands of congress which ordered a committee to write a more formal document t on our reasons for Independence. Writers chosen were Benjamin Franklin; John Adams; Roger : and also had thoughts offered by Robert . Though the document was fully written by Thomas Jefferson everyones ideas were equally expressed shortly and explicitly.The British were not very happy with the Declaration of Independence, which eventually started the war. Through out the beginning of the war the British seemed to be winning until the battle of Saratoga where it had important results. The French now saw that the British were now trying to negotiate with Americans to return to the status of 1763(what they originally asked for). Yet the victory at Saratoga showed the French that Americans a chance of winning the war. Another Important battle was the battle of valley forge where about 2500 soldier side of poor clothing, starvation and disease.Shortly after American troops receives fighting, all of the deaths and all of the lands through all of that a small and new country known as united States of America fought to gain the respect and united colonies are, and of Right ought to be, FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES. so in the end they showed that if you put your heart into something and pursue something you believe in than anything is possible no matter what, such as gaining independence from one of the strongest countries in the world.

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Select an organization that has a web presence and analyze the Article

Select an organization that has a web presence and analyze the organization using elements listed below from Chapter 3 - Article Example It is a company based in US but it enjoys a large market share in all continents. The organization has branches in various countries to ensure that there is a continuous supply of products to their customers. The company has laid strategies that are responsible for the large market share that they have. Gillette enjoyed monopoly of the market until 1962 when other companies producing similar products emerged to compete for market. Despite of competition from other companies, Gillette has maintained a higher number of customers across the globe. Gillette has 70% of the market share with its competitors sharing a 30% share. The company started with men’s razor and blade products, after a proper market research, they started to manufacture women shaving products too. Men had complains when they shave with ordinary razors. They developed complications like rushes and pain after shaving. Due to this, they needed shaving products that are safe. Gillette produces a variety of shaving products that completely satisfies their customers’ shaving needs. Their razor products include Atra, Trac-II, and Sensor for women. They also produce Mach3 that has three thin blades designed to shave closely with less strokes and no irritation. Customers as well need products that are less expensive. To satisfy this need, Gillette has applied technology to produce shaving products that can be used more than once; hence, their products are economically friendly to customers. Gillette has several competitors that threaten their large market share. Key competitors include Schick and the Quattro. They produced the first four bladed razors to the market. They also produced shaving products for women for instance, Intuition for women invaded Gillette’s hold of market for women shaving products. Gillette has also faced serious competition from online competitors for example the dollar-shaving club. They try to win customers using their low shaving prices as compared to Gillette

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Sport, Health and Exercise Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Sport, Health and Exercise Psychology - Essay Example Performance on the field does not matter as much as it should. Informal performance appraisal by the team's owners and influencers detract from focusing on playing better as a team. I believe that the interventions which I initiated should be persisted with, and that the team management should be counseled to isolate the players from non-football aspects of each other's lives, and from the financial fortunes of the club as well. The recent misfortunes and desultory match performances of Hull United should not detract from the sterling achievements of reaching the Premier League of football. No team can aspire for this distinction without large measures of skills and talents. I have a decade of experience in sports psychology, though I am more accustomed to on-going assignments with younger people. I must confess to some trepidation at the prospect of a mere 2 months to effect dramatic changes in a team of professionals. This does not sit well with theories and best practices in sports psychology. ... both Hull United and I commit to an assignment without thorough discussions on realistic and feasible performance goals for myself as a sports psychologist. A Basic Approach I began preparations for the Hull United assignment by careful reflection on my past successes and failures in the profession over the past 10 years. It is easy for sports psychology to intrude in to fields of technical training for specific sports, and to attempt some general psychology, and even amateur psychiatry as well. There are situations in which such tangential efforts can pay dividends. Most contact sports, and even ones that are contests of wit and other mental skills, are seamless in terms of physical techniques and mental attributes. Football at the Premier League stage in particular, involves strategies which are combinations of techniques and mental strategies. All team games involve high degrees of inter-personal communication, which is both intense and largely non-verbal. Hence, separation of sports training and sports psychology is never easy, and may not even be desirable. The media, fans, and club management, exert such pressures on team members that a majority of professional sports people require psychiatric help in any case! There are social stigma attached to seeking this kind of professional help, and it can affect the stereotyped public image if it becomes known that a player is under psychiatric treatment. Therefore, sports psychologists and even coaches are forced in to situations which force them to perform some of the tasks of a psychiatrist. I decided to stay away from these traditional meanderings of sports psychology, at least for this Hull United assignment. A 50-day period would never be enough to build bridges with the coach and the players, to an extent