Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Women and the Industrial Revolution in Britain free essay sample

Women and the industrial revolution in Britain England was the birth place of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution not only accelerated the social development of this nation but also changed social produce relationships. It has a far reaching effect on all aspect of this country. One of most important impact is the changes happened on females of this country. At the early times women in this country just stayed at home, take care of their child, arrange the servants for housework and they have no ambitious to go out fight for their own rights, their brain was blank the events happening the underworld. The revolution bring them into the totally different new world . They opened their eyes and began to fight for their freedom to gain their own right as a member of this world where they are living, women at that time not educated but men they were sent to school to acquire knowledge they learn accounting,banking,law,and medicine. We will write a custom essay sample on Women and the Industrial Revolution in Britain or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page From Coventry Patmore’s† The angel in the house† we can see how a womens life at the early times in England. The book inferred that women in that time just like a house keeper although they dont worry about foods, clothes but they are just like the puppet in the house. The angel in the house have mentioned the womens life in detail but the author did not described the womens thoughts whether women at that times satisfied their life or not. Harold Perkin the origin of English society, Barbra Corado pope Angels in Devils workshop, Doory marshall Industrial England Gerry Holloway Women and work in Britain all of these books mentioned the changes happened on the womens education,marriage,sex but they just mentioned the middle class womens life . There were large amount of working class women, I thing we have to put our attention on these women. They are the very people we have to discuss. From the affairs happened on them we can make a conclusion about women in that time. Also to research how the men think of womens role in the society from that we can get a comparison between men and womens thoughts of that times. References: Coventry Patmore, The angel in the house Havold Perkin the origin of English society Barbra Corado pope Angels in Devils workshop